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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Why learn french- what are the benefits

WHY LEARN FRENCH- what are the benefits.
Well, French is a widely spoken language, spoken by over 130 million people around the world, in places like Belgium, Swiitzerland and much of Northern Africa, its the second most widely used language after english.
Learning French will increase your job prospects. In the USA there are over 600 French subsidiaries including many major companies.
You will be able to converse with more people and make more friends and of course impress people and have a better understanding of them ,their country and culture.
Learning a new language also develops your critical and creative thinking skills.
Forty to fifty percent of the english vocabulary comes from French so learning French will also give you a better understanding of your own language. When learning a new language you have to think about verbs,adjectives, tenses and more, so it does help you to understand your own language.
Learning a new language is good for the brain. Its been demonstrated that you can halt the age-related decline in mental function by learning a new language.and it can help prevent dementia.Most people also see a general improvement in memory. More can be found on this at
Also its fun and you can meet new people if you attend a class, or if you don`t have alot of time you can learn at home or on the go. This is just some of the benefits but I`m sure there`s lots more.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

At the Restaraunt- more french vocabulary

Prendre, to take, irregular verb
Je prends...                          I`ll have...
Qu`est-ce que vous prenez  What are you having?
Nous prenons                       We`ll have...

Je prends and vous prenez are parts pf the verb prendre - to take an -re verb. In the context of food and drink the verb is used with the meaning- to have.

pour moi  -for me
et toi?       - and you/
apres         - after
je bois        - I drink
manger      - to eat
ne.....jamais   never  ie. je ne mange pas de glaces  - I never eat ice cream
                                     je ne bois pas de vin blanc - I never drink white wine

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

at the restaraunt


Waiter  -                     Bonjour Madame et Monsieur
Une table pour deux personnes (a table for two people)
Oui (yes)  Merci(thank you) 
Waiter    -  Qu`est-ce que vous desirez (What can I get you/What would you like)
or Qu`est-ce que vous prenez - what are you having/
Je voudrais (I want/ I`ll have)
Je vais avoir(I`m going to have)
J`aimerais(I`d like)
Je prends(I`ll have)
d`accord , Qu`est-ce que c`est les escargots(ok,what`s this `les escargots  )  Waiter  -  `snails`( In english madame)
oh la la, je naime pas les escargots good gracious, I don`t like snails)
Je voudrais un pizza au jambon avec champignions(I`ll have a pizza with ham and mushrooms)
et pour Monsieur- Je prends le plat du jour ( I`ll have the days special  dish)
et pour dessert un tarte au pomme (and for dessert an apple tart/pie)
et pour moi aussi( and for me also) 
Waiter-  avec ceci  madame et Monsieur(anything else, Madame and Monsieur)
apres ca ( after that)
 deux cafe au lait , s`il vous plait. ( two coffees with milk, please)
Waiter-                      tout de suite(straight away madame)
   l`addition s`il vous plait(the bill please)
bonsoir-(good evening) 
Merci (thank you)  au revoir(good-bye)  a bientot(see you soon)                        

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Want to learn french now

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Hello - bonjour How are you -comment allez- vous not very well - pas tres bien
bien - well or for people you know ca va.
Bye - salut or hi good bye-au revoir see you soon- a bientot bonne chance - good luck
see you in a little while - a tout de suite see you later - a tout a l`heure

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